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Capstone's Phoenix roofing contractors deliver the highest standard of excellence for workmanship, customer service, and all roofing needs for commercial and residential.

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Tile Roofing Phoenix
Tile roofing material is made from local, recyclable, and natural materials, offering lifelong benefits such as durability and fireproofing.
Shingle Roofing Phoenix
Very similar to tile roofing, shingle roofing material offers similar benefits at less of a price. Keep in mind, however, tile roofs tend to last longer.
Foam Roofing Phoenix
Foam roofs are truly renewable as long as the upper coating layer is maintained, the roof will last the lifetime of the building. For more information, contact us!
Built-Up Roofing Phoenix
Built-up roofing systems are made of multiple reinforcing layers of fabric and bitumen, great for environments of high heat and monsoon seasons.
Skylights Phoenix
Skylights remain a beautiful addition to a room. It offers ventilation, aesthetic enhancements, and an exclusive look into the starry night sky.
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Any decision that comes with your roof shouldn’t come lightly. After all, it’s what separates the interior of your home – and your family – from the awesome forces of mother nature. While many consider themselves highly advanced DIY-ers, unless you are a roofing contractor, you shouldn’t attempt to get up there or make repairs yourself. Your roof is an integral part of your home and should be handled as such with the help of Phoenix roofing contractors.

1. How long have they been in business?

Unfortunately, fly-by-night contractors are notorious for requesting payment upfront and disappearing to avoid paying for damages, only to reopen a few months later under a new name to commit the crime again. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Don’t allow prices to dictate the contractor you choose. You can avoid these risks by working with Phoenix roofing contractors that have decades in the business and a solid reputation.

2. Ask about how ‘things going wrong’ is handled

Unplanned repairs, emergencies, and complications are unavoidable, especially when it comes to home improvement. As soon as you start ripping out one thing, you’re likely to find additional problems or the need for extra repairs or work. Ask your roofing contractor how unexpected repairs are handled so you know what to expect.

Additionally, if an error happens, how will the company handle the situation? How has it been handled in the past? Will a representative pick up the phone when you need them the most? A great Phoenix roofing contractor will make a roofing problem right.

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3. Licensing and insurance

Great Phoenix roofing contractors will not be shy of their licensing and insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof. Roofing is a dangerous job, therefore, it’s important to have the right tools, materials, safety equipment, and experience. High-quality Phoenix roofing contractors will also have all required insurance for its workers, which covers them in the event that someone is hurt during your roof’s installation.

Phoenix Roofing Contractors

Wherever you are in your roofing experience, Capstone Roofing is here to help. Capstone maintains the highest standard of service, always putting our customers first. We treat your home like it is our own. A leaky roof doesn’t always mean a brand new roof is needed. Whether you need leak repairs, roof maintenance, full new roof replacements, or any other type of roofing consulting services, we’re the pros to call. Capstone Roofing is here for all your roofing needs.

We’ve been in business for a long time and we have seen everything which is why we’re one of the top roofing contractors in Phoenix. Give us a call and we can give you our expert advice. We always try to save you money, and we will only do the work we really feel needs to be done. Give us a call today!



Capstone Roofing has been in business in the Greater Phoenix area for decades. We are a locally owned, licensed, certified, and an insured group of experts who believe in continued education and training. We're happy to offer a free estimate followed by a free written estimate for those who are doing their research on roofing repair or replacement. If you are interested in a free written estimate by our team, please contact us today!

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In many instances, repairs can resolve roofing problems. Your best bet is to start with an inspection and go from there. A good Phoenix roofing contractor will be upfront about all costs in a comprehensive written estimate. Replacing a roof typically will only take a few days for residential, however, for commercial, it can take anywhere from days to weeks. Once a roofing contractor has evaluated the roof and understands the scope of the work involved, they can give you a more realistic time estimate.

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