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Capstone Roofing is the best El Mirage Roofing Company offering roof inspections, roof installation, roof maintenance, and roof repairs.

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Tile Roofing El Mirage
Tile roofing is a beautiful and durable option for those who would like their roofs to last for 100 years. Available in many styles and shapes, tile roofing suits every building and proves to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
Shingle Roofing El Mirage
Affordable and durable, shingle roofing is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. This roofing type is also quite versatile and easy to install on all kinds of roofs.
Foam Roofing El Mirage
Foam roofing is one of the most convenient solutions for those who want an energy-efficient and renewable roof. This particular option is easy to install and maintain, and it comes with a waterproof topmost layer for leak protection.
Build-Up Roofing El Mirage
Built-up roofing is a number one commercial roofing option. Reliable, durable, and long-lasting, built-up roofing offers weather protection, low maintenance, and efficient use of space.
Skylights El Mirage
Skylights are perfect for those who want to let natural light in the building and enhance the look of the interior. They also provide natural heating, energy-cost saving, and healthy ventilation.
Why Choose Capstone Roofing?

Why Choose Capstone Roofing as Your El Mirage Roofing Company?

Capstone Roofing is a top-choice El Mirage roofing company for many reasons. We offer our clients all roofing services, from inspection and maintenance to full roof replacement. Licensed and bonded, we provide top-notch work and protection for our customers. Furthermore, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to tackle any roofing job you might have for us. Whether you have a large roofing project coming up or you want to schedule an inspection and a few simple repairs, Capstone Roofing is here for you. 

We pride ourselves on services of the highest standard. Our team is carefully built and dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Surprise, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and other surrounding areas, Capstone Roofing is at your disposal in many locations. Plus, you get to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation! Reach out to us and provide what’s best for your roof as soon as today.

Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Roof

In most cases, roof repair is the best option. There's no reason to replace the entire roof because you have some cracked or missing shingles or a few minor leaks. However, more excessive damage (such as interior leaks) demands more attention, especially when the roof is near the end of its warranty. Roofs older than 20 years might be in order for replacement, but your roofing contractor will give you the best advice depending on the results of the professional inspection.

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Benefits of Regular Roof Inspection and Maintenance

At Capstone Roofing, we recommend our clients to perform regular roof inspection and maintenance. If you want to prevent further roof problems and increase its lifespan, you should take care of it properly. Detecting and fixing smaller issues on the roof prevent larger and pricier ones in the future and saves a lot of money in the long run. Regular roof inspection and maintenance also simplify insurance claims and give some peace of mind to the residents.

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Guide to Professional Roofing Installation

Installing a new roof can be quite challenging. You need to consider all those different materials and warranties while also thinking about the budget. Still, you can ease things by choosing the right roofing contractor. Experienced and reputable roofing companies will advise you adequately, helping you pick the perfect materials to suit both the situation and the budget.

Capstone Roofing is both a residential and commercial roofing company in El Mirage, AZ. We are well-versed in all roofing types and can give you much-needed guidance on new roof installation. You can find any material you need on our shelves, so don't miss checking our offer!

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DIY vs Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors

While most DIYers can run a roof inspection and perform simple maintenance and repairs, things are not always that easy. Repairing excessive damage, running a full inspection, and performing complete roof installation or replacement are demanding tasks. You don't only need the roofing experience and knowledge to get the job done but proper equipment to ensure safety as well. Although we don't doubt your DIY skills, we always recommend people to rely on a roofing contractor when dealing with demanding and potentially dangerous roofing projects.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor in El Mirage

When choosing the right contractor to work on your roof, you can’t just rely on googling “roofing company near me“. Not all of your search results will turn out to be qualified for the job. To avoid mistakes, always ask for local referrals and licensed and bonded companies. You want to find a company you can trust with the job and the one that can ensure protection, warranty, and outstanding results.

Are you looking for a commercial or residential roofing company in El Mirage, AZ? Capstone Roofing is here for all your needs! Licensed, bonded, and with vast experience in the industry, we guarantee efficient and flawless performance to our clients. Contact us below and solve your roofing problem once and for all!

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Capstone Roofing is the best roofing company in El Mirage. Call today for roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof inspections, and more!