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As experts in roof construction in both commercial and residential projects, Capstone Roofing is your Arizona roofer that only uses the highest quality materials and always ensures your roofing project is done correctly.

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Tile Roofing Arizona
Tile roofing is among the most common materials for Arizona as it keeps homes from overheating, allows for air ventilation, and completely sustainable.
Shingle Roofing Arizona
Shingles are responsible for 80% of all roofs. However, as for the state of Arizona, it might not stand up to the strength of Arizona monsoon seasonal winds.
Foam Roofing Arizona
Foam roofing is the superior flat roofing option. It's incredibly durable, dependable, and relatively affordable to install and maintain.
Built-Up Roofing Arizona
Built-up roofs provide excellent waterproofing and ultraviolet protection. The lifespan of a built-up roofing system can often last 15-30 years.
Skylights Arizona
As your Arizona Roofer, we can install, repair, and replace your skylight. Skylights offer an exclusive sneak peek into the Arizona starry night sky.
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Your roof is a shield against mother nature’s awesome forces and should be treated as such. Before you research articles, watch instructional videos, and start purchasing materials to repair your roof yourself, think through the disadvantages of doing the work yourself. While some tasks may benefit from you doing them yourself, others are could have serious negative consequences. By hiring an expert Arizona roofer, you are hiring an experienced, legally certified roofer that works on their niche daily. You are ensuring quality, efficient work, guaranteed.

1. For Your Safety

While simply replacing a shingle may seem like an easy task, it’s a different story once you’re up high having to balance while working on the project. When you are working on a new skill, most of your attention is dedicated to completing the task, not your surroundings. In some cases, this is fine, but when it comes to fixing a roof, this is extremely dangerous.

A professional Arizona roofer has the tools to get the job done right and ensures safety throughout the entire process, for both you and their team.

2. High-Grade Experience

As time passes, new technologies are introduced and methods are improved upon, and unless you’re inside the industry, it’s impossible to know these things. No amount of research or studying will give you the same knowledge that experience can.

An expert roofer can actually guarantee excellent results, will know exactly how much material will be needed for your home and are licensed and certified to complete the project. Don’t make an experiment out of your roof. Have the roof replaced correctly the first time. By doing a poor job yourself, you are only setting yourself up to spend more money by having to hire someone else to come out to take care of the mess you created. Which that job in itself is more expensive than having a professional Arizona roofer to do the job in the first place.

3. Saves Money

Investing in an expert Arizona roofer now actually saves thousands for the future. When hiring for inspections, installation, repairs, and replacements, it’s entirely a cost-effective approach. Furthermore, an experienced roofing contractor has built long-term relationships with local suppliers, which allows them to access roofing materials at lower prices. If you take into account the roofing materials, tools, and time you need to carry out a DIY roofing project, you’ll realize how much you could save by hiring a professional roofing contractor.

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Are you ready for monsoon season?

During monsoon season, storms can form quickly without much warning and can leave serious, unfortunate damage behind. This is why it's important to be proactive and prepared for these types of storms. Your roof has to withstand strong winds, dust storms, heavy rains, and hail storms.

Be sure to have your roof inspected at least once a year, ideally before monsoon season. To further prepare your home, clean out the debris in your gutters (and be sure you have gutters).

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Arizona Roofer

To expand the lifespan of your roof, or have it to the absolute fullest, it's important to pay attention and keep up on maintenance. Be sure to trim your trees, removing dead or loose branches so they do not impact your roof or your home, clean out your gutters as mentioned before, and prevent algae and moss growth.

If you determine that you need a professional to assist with your roof, call us, Capstone Roofing can do a roof inspection at any time, and if you need to do roofing repairs, or even do a complete roof replacement we are here.

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