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7 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

The roof of a home performs the essential purpose of protecting those who live in the home from the weather, harsh storms, and provide shelter. For homeowners in Phoenix, a roof saves us from the hot desert sun, the intense summer monsoons, and the wicked dust storms. With so much importance, it is smart for homeowners to check and ensure their roof is in top-notch condition. It is wise for new home buyers to inspect the roof quality of a home that they are interested in purchasing to gain a sense of any repairs or renovations needing to perform. Whatever damage that will need to be fixed, a home buyer’s estimated cost could make or break the deal. However, having a roof inspected for new homebuyers is not just wise during the purchase process; it is advised that homeowners routinely or annually have their roof inspected to stay on top of any needed fixing.  After a roof inspection in Phoenix is conducted, if any repairs and renovation need to be completed, finding and hiring a roofing contractor in Phoenix will be the next order of business. How do you find the right contractor, and what do you need to know when hiring a roofing contractor? We know that it can be an overwhelming process with many roofing contractors available.

To help you expertly find, hire, and reassure you, we have gathered 7 tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor that will make your roofing project go smoothly and effectively.

#1 A Licensed Roofing Services

An essential element to require for your roofing repairs is to hire a licensed roofing contractor in Phoenix. A roofing contractor with the proper licensing to work in the state and has performed the proper steps to obtain the roofing licensing ensures a roofing company’s integrity. Obtaining roofing licenses consist of passing various tests to prove that the Phoenix roofing contractor has extensive knowledge and experience in the roofing industry. For a roofing contractor to receive passing marks, the roofer must prove their expertise in every area currently performed in the industry. This ensures that they have the skill set to provide the latest and most efficient roofing techniques when repairing or renovating your roof.  In states such as Arizona, where licenses are required, make sure you hire a currently licensed roofing contractor. You can request that the roofing contractor provide you with a copy of their license. You can also confirm that their roofing contractor license status is valid online.

#2 Insurance is Your Assurance

When having any contractor perform repairs and renovations to your home it is wise to select a person or company currently covered by insurance. A roofing contractor that has valid insurance liability and compensation display a professional and dependable work ethic. You can ask to see the certification of a Phoenix roofing contractor, and you can even contact the insurance carrier for further validation. The danger of hiring a Phoenix roofing contractor who does not have proper insurance coverage, you as the homeowner, may be liable for any medical bills and legal fees if a roofing contractor or roofing company employee experiences an injury on your property. Hiring a roofing contractor that is currently covered with insurance gives you peace of mind. Another benefit of finding an insured roofing contractor will help you narrow down the Phoenix roofing companies give you a bid on your roof project. Hiring a Phoenix roofing contractor that has insurance keeps all roofing bids at an equal opportunity. You know that part of the roofing costs and services provided to you is protected and supported by insurance coverage security. Keep in mind that some states may not require a roofing contractor to be insured, but in the state of Arizona, roofing contractors must have valid insurance coverage and license.

#3 Hire a local and Established Roofing Contractor

Hiring a local roofing contractor is an excellent way to ensure you are going with a company that knows the area and the typical damage that happens with a roof in Phoenix. Arizona weather like monsoons can be hard on a roof’s lifespan, and hiring a roofing contractor who has experience repair and renovating roofing systems in Phoenix provides you with comfort that they know what to look for and properly fix. A Phoenix roofing contractor can better explain to you what your roof needs to stay viable through the years of harsh Arizona weather, as they have obtained their experience in the area. Another major influence of hiring a local Phoenix roofing company is that they will be readily available to respond to your questions and concerns and give roofing maintenance tips. Also, hiring a local Phoenix roofing contractor means they not only perform locally but have developed substantial business and a reputation in your community. You might want to review how long the roofing company in Phoenix has operated, as this reassures you that they have been around long enough and won’t move or vanish anytime soon.

#4 Check local Reviews and Referrals

One great way to make sure you hire the right Phoenix roofing is to perform an online search of reviews about the roofing company. Find out what previous customers have to say about their experience with the roofing contractor. Take some time to review their website and see if they hold any customer satisfaction awards and certifications. Many roofers have reviews on their website, but it doesn’t hurt to find out what is available on other review sites. Check on the Better Business Bureau to get any information you can about the Phoenix roofing company you are interested in hiring or ask friends or neighbors who have recently had their roof repaired or renovated for a referral. What better way to get direct feedback on a roofing contractor than asking your neighbor. You also get a free sample of the work that they performed and access their roofing skills.

# 5 Stay Clear of Storm Cashers

Of course, it can be convenient to have a roofing contractor come to your door and offer their services when you were not even in the market for a roofing contractor. However, it is best to avoid those door to door company’s simply saying, “Just in your neighborhood.” This is a sales tactic that some roofing contractors use, especially after an Arizona storm, to inform you that you have damage. These types of roofing contractors are known as Storm Chasers. You don’t need to fall for this sales pitch and feel inclined to sign with that particular roofing contractor. Take their information and conduct your own research and compare it with other Phoenix roofing companies. You want to make sure you are going with someone who is not looking to make money off of you, but you want to ensure you hire a roofing contractor that you choose first on your own.

#6 Price and Payment

Price is not everything. It’s not wise to select a roofing company in Phoenix based on price. Your roof is a valuable part of your home, and you will get what you pay for if the rates are cheap. Roofing bids that are cheap decreases the market, and any roofing company with overhead, correct licensing, and proper insurance must establish bid prices to cover costs. It may be beneficial for you to compare different Phoenix roofing companies. It is important to review a few different roofing companies to make sure that you hire someone qualified to handle your roofing project.
There are a few things to consider when it comes to the payment process of finding the right roofing contractor in Phoenix. From the beginning, select a roofer that offers a free estimate and inspection.  A roofing company in Phoenix who offers a bid or inspection should be willing to access your roof for free.
Another point to be cautious of when hiring a Phoenix roofing contractor is to watch for roofing scams, asking you to pay the entire balance upfront. If you find that a roofing contractor requires this form of a transaction, don’t sign any forms and move on to another roofing company. It’s not uncommon to see roofing contractors ask for a payment schedule that aligns with the roofing work. Some roofing contractors in Phoenix ask customers for a small deposit of 10% or less for the roofing project to start.
When it comes to paying your insurance deductible, you need to be informed of the proper process of working with a roofing contractor. Be wary of a Phoenix roofing contractor who states the company can perform the roofing project without you having to pay your insurance deductible. This is a red flag for committing insurance fraud and putting you as the homeowner at risk. Know that the deductible is the insured responsibility, and the roofing contractor must show that in the bid without increase the estimate to cover all or part of the deductible.

#7 Review Contract and Warranties

It might be a time-consuming task, but you will not regret going thoroughly over your roofing contract before you sign. If you don’t understand a section of the contract, don’t hesitate to talk with your Phoenix roofer. As part of accessing their professionalism, review how well they take the time to go over the contract or anything that needs to be reviewed. If your roofer seems frustrated or annoyed by your request to go over the contract, don’t sign until you feel you know and understand the process of getting your roof repaired.
Warranties are important to have included in your contract and for your investment. Ensure you fully understand the roofing warranty included in the repairs or renovations of your home’s roof. If for any reason your roof is installed incorrectly, it can take some time even to notice the roof’s imperfects, and without a proper warranty in place, you might have to pay to have your roof repaired again. Review the exact amount of years that the roofing material and workmanship are guaranteed. Typically most roofing work should be guaranteed to last for at least 5 years as the material can last up to 20 or 40 years, depending on the particular material.

Hire a Roofing Contractor Today

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, or you’re considering purchasing a home, then schedule a roof inspection to put your worries at ease. You might not think that having your home’s roof inspected is a priority but as weather conditions occur and undetected damages continue to sit, your roof quality may be in some serious repairs. When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor in Phoenix, you want to ensure you are selecting the right contractor. Make sure to have a home’s roof inspected by a Phoenix roofing Company specializing in roof inspections and offer you repair services. Protect your home and your loved ones who live in your home.  Contact Capstone Roofing today to schedule yours!

published on Friday, October 23rd, 2020