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Tips for Maintaining a Tile Roof

Maintaining the quality of your roof is crucial for it to serve the longest life possible and protect your home. Being a home owner can be expensive, so knowing where you can cut down costs by utilizing simple maintenance tips is key. By not taking care of your roof, you are putting yourself at risk for major expenses in the future with repairs and possibly total roof replacement. If you have recently purchased a home with tile roofing or have had a new tile roof installed, take a look at these simple tips for maintaining a tile roof.

Cleaning The Tiles

In Phoenix, we don’t get a tong of rain, which means our roofing systems are not naturally cleaned by rainfall. One of the best tips for maintaining a tile roof in Phoenix, Scottsdale and in Mesa is to thoroughly clean the tile every 1 to 2 years. Cleaning the tile with a towel and wire brush will help to remove any dirt, mold, or algae that has built up over time and could cause bigger issues in the future. Be aware that pressure washing your tile can actually harm the integrity of the tile, which is why it is suggested to just use a towel and brush to scrub away dirt, mold and algae. Cleaning your tile roof will also help in the overall appearance of your roof and home. If there is a lot of built up dirt, mold, or algae, it could potentially interfere with your draining system leading to leaks. By taking the time to clean your tile once a year, you are helping in the longevity of your roof.

Routine Gutter Inspections and Cleanings

Cleaning out and inspecting your gutters is one of the best tips for maintaining a tile roof because any build up or loose gutters can be harmful to the integrity of your roof. If your gutters have not been cleaned out and a major storm occurs, any overflow of water could cause water damage to your roof, leading into the interior of your home. Loose gutters are hazardous for tile roofing systems for two reasons. During storms, loose gutters can be pulled from the foundation and potentially crash into your tile roof, causing cracks, chips, or even shingles to be broken off in fully. Loose gutters can also cause flooding if they are not aligned properly. If you are located in Phoenix or Scottsdale, a roofing expert is a great resource to help with these inspections.

Simple Inspections

One of the best tips for maintaining a tile roof is to simple inspect it every so often to make sure you don’t have any missing tiles, chips, or cracks. It is important to catch any damage as early as possible to avoid underlayment exposure that could cause even bigger damage in the future. If you notice damage to any tiles, call your local roof repair company to come out to assess the damage and make repair suggestions. If you need help with inspections, contact a Tile Roof Company in Mesa.

Make Your Tile Look New Again

There are a few great tips for maintaining a tile roof, and one of them is refurbishing it every few years. Refurbishing your tile roof can help in the longevity of it because you are adding protective layers to it that will help protect it from the sun’s rays, making your house cooler, as well as helping it to repel water more efficiently. To refurbish your tile roof you have to add in a priming coat and a layer of acrylic paint. Both of these components will help in maintaining the protective qualities of your tile roof.

Tips For Maintaining A Tile Roof

Tile roofs have the potential to last up to a century if taken care of properly. Could you imagine never having to replace your roof the entire time you live in your home? That is a dream for most people. By utilizing these simple tips for maintaining a tile roof you can hopefully avoid roof replacement altogether. Putting in a little bit of work can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

published on Friday, June 8th, 2018