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Best Roofing Company in PhoenixIs Your Roof Ready for This Year’s Monsoon Season?

There are many possible things that can happen when weather changes unpredictably here in Phoenix, as is the case with a monsoon storm. Storms can form quickly and without much warning, and unfortunately, they can leave serious damage behind.  That is why it is important to be proactive and be prepared for these types of storms. Us here in the Metro Valley area are no strangers to this type of strong and at times violent storms, whether it be in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, etc. we have all experienced at least 1 or 2 in the past couple of years.

Dust Storms

One of the most common things that we see during monsoon season is the dust storms that form from one side of the city to the other, we are so used to seeing this videos during in our local news and every once in a while depending on how high and thick they develop we make it to the nightly national news. These dust storms can be up to 100 km (62 mi) wide and several kilometers in elevations, sustaining wind speeds anywhere from 22-62 mph. The winds during the storms can be extremely damaging to your roof, once they cause damage it leaves your roof vulnerable and exposed to dust and debris that the storms bring along with it.

Heavy Rain

While we are not used to having a lot of rainy days in Phoenix, during monsoon season we do see heavy storms. Rain partnered up with high winds can be even more damaging, if the wind manages to pull up any of the roofing materials, the rain can get underneath.  The roof does become vulnerable to damages from moisture that can be left behind if the rain makes it past the roofing protection. Most times the damage from moisture is not visible, it can rot the wood on your roof deck, and it can easily spread to other areas in your home.


This is not an element that we see too often during monsoon, but it is something that we have seen occasionally in the valley during these storms. Due to the range in size and intensity they can be extremely damaging, they can crack roof tiles, or puncture holes in the roof.

How can you protect your roof from these elements?

There are some ways we can help minimize the damages or prevent it by following a few steps. Before the monsoon season make sure you have inspected your roof for any signs of damage. If there are visible holes or cracks this may be an indication that there can be a problem, at which point it is suggested to have a roofing professional come out and do a more extensive inspection of what the damage may be. It is recommended to have your roof inspected once a year. Cleaning the debris from the roof and gutters is always advisable to help prevent items flying into the roof with the winds to prevent holes and cracks.

What if you need a Roofing Professional in Phoenix?

We are here, call us, Capstone Roofing can do your roof inspection at any time, we can do your roofing repairs, or even do a complete roof replacement.

published on Friday, February 14th, 2020