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Commercial roofing systems come in many forms. From the material you choose to how your roof is installed and maintained, you need the proper roofing contractor to get the most out of your commercial roofing system.

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Tile Roofing Phoenix
Tile beautifies a commercial building in a way that no other material can. Modern innovation of concrete and clay can now suit any architectural style and provides the longest track record of performance compared to other roofing materials in both warm and cold climates.
Shingle Roofing Phoenix
Along with tile roofing material, shingles are also amongst the most popular roofing systems for commercial buildings. As one of the cheaper options, shingles are also easy to install, resistant to several extreme elements, and shingles come in a variety of colors and textures.
Foam Roofing Phoenix
A foam roofing system is often ideal for commercial buildings. Repairs often consist of simply reapplying instead of tearing off and throwing it in a landfill (or interrupting business), it offers severe weather protection, thermal insulation, and is extremely lightweight.
Built-Up Roofing Phoenix
When properly installed and maintained, a built-up commercial roofing system can last decades. Like a foam roof, a built-up roofing system is seamless and waterproof, it reflects UV rays, and is actually very low-maintenance.
Skylights Phoenix
Adding natural light to any room can lift anyone's spirits, however, skylights must be properly installed and maintained. An interruption in your roofing system can be a hot spot for leaks and breakage. To learn more about how your building can successfully have a skylight, call us today.
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Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial roofing systems are much different than residential roofing systems, especially in Arizona. They often have many components to the roof, including HVAC systems and electrical boxes. Commercial roofs also are designed in a totally different way, so systems for ventilation and rainwater runoff are different than what is typically found on a home.

It’s important to understand that each roof is unique and one should always consult with an expert and experienced commercial roof contractor to get tailored suggestions for your property. However, we have compiled our top recommendations for commercial roofing systems in Phoenix.

1. Foam Roofing

Foam roofing systems for commercial buildings is one of the most popular not only in Arizona but nationwide as well. The reason being is, simply put, the ease of installation, maintenance, and repairs, and it’s maximum efficiency. Foam roofing is applied as a liquid and dries to harden. The liquid foam covers every millimeter of the roof, seeping into every nook and cranny, forming into a solid surface soon after, hugging close to vents, adjoining walls, and anything else that intersects with the roof.

As long as your foam roof is properly maintained, it will protect your roof against UV damage, and make the interior more energy efficient.

In addition, it’s important to know that foam roofs cannot be used on roofing systems that are not flat due to the method of application. However, if you do have a flat roof but have an existing roofing system, foam roofs can be applied overtop without issues. If your flat commercial roofing system is properly maintained, it can thrive past 40-50 years, saving you money in the long run.

2. Tile Roofing

For commercial roofing systems with a pitched roof, tile roofing is a good choice. You often see tile roofing systems on commercial buildings such as apartment buildings or small shops, offering a beautiful look as well as protection against intense heat, hail, strong winds, and heavy rains.

Tile comes in a variety of materials and can be installed on any pitched roof. It’s also affordable and offers a long lifespan. However, like many aspects of a building, tile comes in a wide variety of options, but fortunately, you will be able to find the right look you want that meets the requirements of your roof and remains inside your budget. Once again, it’s very important to talk to a commercial roofing system professional that will inspect your property and share tailored advice for your roofing system.

3. Built-Up Roofing System

You can often see built-up roofing systems on many commercial buildings in Arizona. It’s made up of multiple layers of different materials including felts, fabrics, and mats which are held together with bitumen. It’s also usually finished with a weather-resistant coating.

The layer of roof felt and bitumen protects the roof from water damage while the layer of gravel protects it from intense heat. Tar and gravel roofing is not as energy efficient as foam roofing but it still provides reasonable protection. Built-up roofing systems for commercial buildings are ideal for flat roofs as well.



Roofers in Phoenix must endure unique training because of our climate. With temperatures reaching 120 degrees for weeks at a time, your roof, new or old, has the potential to reach almost 200 degrees. This means your team must know how to work in these extreme conditions in a safe and productive manner. Capstone Roofing knows commercial roofing systems in Arizona and we'll prove that to you with our professionalism and perfectionism.

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