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9 Reasons Why Roof Inspections Are So Important

9 reasons roof inspections are importantAs the Phoenix real estate market continues to increase, when it comes to purchasing a home, there is no better way to ensure your investment than having an inspection. An essential part of any home inspection includes having the roof inspected. Not only does a roof inspection of a Phoenix home protect everyone living inside from weather conditions, but it also holds a connecting factor to saving other functional parts of the house. A damaged roof can cause issues to the structure, drywall, installation, and electrical. A detailed roof inspection in Phoenix offers a home buyer or homeowner peace of mind. A detailed roof inspection, performed by a professional roofing company, can offer homeowners insight into the overall quality of the roof, giving insight into any repairs or maintenance that may be needed. When you think about how important a roof is to a home, your investment, and your time and money for the future, this part of a home inspection should be a top priority.

A roof inspection from a Phoenix roofing company can present valuable insight into different areas of the roof that need immediate attention or will require attention in the near future. Finding any damage, leaks, or minor repairs before any papers are signed, and the escrow process begins, can save a lot of frustration for the new and excited homeowner. If you are purchasing a home in an area that sees a lot of harsh weather conditions, as we do in the summers in Phoenix, a reputable roofing company can determine how long a roof will last before any upcoming weather changes. As professional roofers in Phoenix, we advise our customers to put a lot of your attention towards reviewing the roof inspection report before finalizing a home purchase. 

Listed below are 9 Reasons Why Roof Inspections are so Important:

#1 Make or Break Factor:

If you find a home that you’re interested in purchasing that may be older, you know you are most likely going to find areas that will need some tender loving care. Having a Phoenix roof inspection done before buying a home provides buyers with a better understanding of what they are getting into. A roof that has minor to major issues will cost homeowners money and time to ensure that no further damage to the home occurs. A thorough roof inspection in Phoenix proves well for people looking to revamp a house with a clear and definitive price point for their remodeling budget. If a home buyer is not interested in a fixer-upper, looking at the roof is key as it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The quality of a roof can be a significant factor in purchasing a home.

#2 Saves Money:

When purchasing a home, everyone in the market desires to save as much money as possible. No home buyer enjoys paying a tremendous amount of money for a home that will, over time, cost them even more than what they had planned on spending. A home inspection with an extensive roof inspection helps homebuyers save money down the road as they become the homeowner. It is always better to be safe than sorry. A Phoenix roof inspection before purchasing a home will provide a potential buyer with any evidence that a roof has issues. There may be easy repairs that will not cost a lot, or the roof may require a significant amount of reconstruction. Either way, a roof inspection indicates what a homeowner will need to do.

#3 Leak Check:

A roof inspection in Phoenix provides a home buyer with a sort of health check of a roof. If a roof has areas where leaks are forming, it’s a sign of a damaged roof. Leaks in a roof, not addressed, can lead to signs of trouble. A leaking roof can cause severe structural damage, installation issues, and other interior problems. A leak may seem like no big deal at the time, but if not taken care of, eventually it will be a significant problem. A roof inspection is important to have done before buying a home as it displays issues and indicate what homebuyers need to take care of before things get out of hand.

#4 Weather Damage:

A roof’s purpose gives a family or tenants a way to stay dry during the rain, warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Although a roof protects those who live inside, there is not much protecting the roof from changing weather conditions. Various temperatures will impact the integrity of a roof. Weather conditions tend to have the most effect on damaging a roof. The rain has a hard influence on why roof shingles become misarranged and get substance growing on the shingles. Also, forceful winds and hailstorms can destroy shingles or remove them, causing other damage down the road if not appropriately addressed. A roofing company specializing in roof inspections will present any and all damages that have occurred from the uncontrolled weather circumstances to a home buyer.

#5 Roof Stamina:

The design of a home’s roof is to withstand various weather conditions. From rain, wind, and sun, roofing shingles must endure these environmental changes to protect the overall content of the home. However, like many parts of a home, a roof may not always uphold through the years. If a house over the years has not received any prior inspection or neglected from proper care, this unmaintained roof will affect its ability to protect its new homeowners. Having a thorough roof inspection adds to the care and maintenance of buying a home while giving a sense of how long the current roof is expected to last. This part of a Phoenix roof inspection indicates how ready the roof currently stands to handle future storms.

#6 Damage from Maintenance:

If you are in the market for a previously owned home that is in good to excellent condition, the odds are that the former homeowners took the upkeep process seriously of owning the home. In fact, the previous homeowner most likely acquired service from HVAC companies to fix or repair issues found with the house. The cause of some roof damage comes from the routine maintenance of other home service providers such as A/C companies servicing a roof unit. Shingles are stepped on and broken but never replaced. A roof inspection in Phoenix can reveal these roof shingle issues allowing a home buyer to be aware of these repairs. At times, these damages require small repairs that are typically low in cost.

#7 Vegetation:

Most people would not consider that any vegetation can grow on a roof unintentionally. Unfortunately, vegetation can grow on roofs and cause major damage. Birds that create nests on a roof will bring in seeds that will land on a roof or gutter and then begin to grow plants. Even nearby trees are known to have their seedlings fall on a roof and eventually grow roots. With the seeds, dirt, and moisture found on both roofs and gutters, it is a perfect source for vegetation growth. This point may not seem like quite a significant issue towards a roof inspection, but vegetation problems to roofs come from the plant’s roots penetrating a roof’s membrane leading to create leakage. A roof inspection can help bring attention to the home buyer of the vegetation issue before making decisions.

#8 Proper Drainage:

Another significant function of a roof consists of providing proper water drainage functions to protect the home from water damage. A Phoenix roof inspection will review the roof’s current slope and drainage performance to indicate if there are issues that will not correctly remove water from the roof. Having a roof that does not allow properly remove water from a storm will likely increase water leaks. Also, if leaves, debris, trash, or other objects are causing roofs not to drain properly, then water pools and can create other damaging effects. Inspecting and ensuring a roof obtains useful drainage function is valuable to have in a Phoenix roof inspection.

#9 Peace of Mind:

Purchasing a house involves a lot of reviewing, inspecting, and other processes to make sure that everyone included in the home purchase results in a positive outcome. The entire experience can be stressful, emotional, and in many cases, an ongoing process of defeat. However, there are many positive attributes of taking the proper precautions to ensure you are making the right purchase choice. A roof inspection in Phoenix is one of those precautions’ measurements. A roof inspection before purchasing a home not only provides a supportive factor into a home buyer’s investment but gives a sense of relief, knowing you have a sturdy roof over your head. Even if the roof has minor to major damaged, at least you are fully aware before you decide to purchase the home or not.

9 Reasons Roof Inspections are Important – Schedule Yours Today

9 reasons roof inspections are importantAs you search the real estate market for your next home purchase, you typically don’t look or notice the condition of the roof as it may not be the attention grabber. You cannot overlook the importance of a Phoenix roof inspection as a roof is an essential component to the overall quality of a home. At times many homeowners and homebuyers don’t think about a roof until it begins to give problems. Make sure to have a home’s roof inspected by a Phoenix roofing Company specializing in roof inspections; this process will not be a waste towards your home purchase investment. Contact Capstone Roofing today to schedule yours!

published on Thursday, October 1st, 2020