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Advice From A Roofing Contractor In Phoenix On Materials That Keep Your Home Cool During The Summer

One of the biggest pieces of advice a roofing contractor in Phoenix can give you, especially in the Summer time, is to keep your home cool. This can be achieved, or at least aided, by taking into consideration what is directly between you and the sun. Almost everyone’s first move is normally in the direction of their thermostat to crank up the air conditioning. This is the easiest way to combat the rising temperatures in the desert, however, the main effect this will have is on your wallet. Try to be more conscious of your electric bill and look at cooling your house as more of an investment that will pay off over time.

Understanding what roofing materials will keep your place cool during the summer will help keep you from being overheated and save you a lot of money on air conditioning during the hottest time of the year.


Terra Cotta & Clay

Roofing Contractor in Phoenix

The Arizona desert is a place where the humidity and moisture are low and the heat gets very high. This combination can be legal to your roof materials depending on what’s covering your house. A great choice is terra cotta and clay with there design to reflect the sun’s heat. Take into mind that this type of roof has been the choice of generations in the areas of Spain, Italy, and Mexico among others around the world. There’s a strong reason for this and it is even better when doubled with proper roof ventilation. The traditional shape of the tiles have a lot to do with their ability to maintain a cooler temperature. Many of the newer, more contemporary tile designs are also quite effective in keeping your home cool as well as offering a creative look.


PV Shingles

PV Shingles, which stand for photovoltaic shingles, are a very particular type of shingle. These are able to convert the sun’s energy into electricity through absorption. It sounds a lot better about having to turn up your air conditioning if the electricity that’s utilized is being generated from the very shingles on your roof. Along with that benefit, this type of roof material doesn’t hold heat the same as other shingles and tiles do. This, in turn, causes your home to remain cooler being that the heat absorbed is converted. With pv shingles and Energy Star Roofing Systems, there are some additional regulations associated with adding solar energy panels on your roof so be sure to do your research or you can always call a trusted professional to walk you through the process.


Slate Tile

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Most types of slate tile are normally light-colored and have natural reflective properties. These properties are designed to to decrease the amount of heat absorption the roof takes in then leads to a cooler home. Being that slate is so heavy, it does not hold heat as long as most other tiles and even takes longer to heat up. Whether you’re in Phoenix or Tempe, his material causes your house to cool down much quicker after the sun goes down. Slate tile also has a traditional beauty associated with the both modern and contemporary look. However, slate tends to be a pricier option as a roofing material. It is very delicate and can be damaged easily if mishandled by a roofing contractor in Phoenix, which makes them even more difficult to transport.


Concrete Tile

When you think of concrete, you probably think of structurally sound highways and bridges. Concrete tiles are a roof material that is also structurally sound while being both heavy and quite dense. This increased density is great because it takes the sun much longer to heat up the concrete tiles. When the tiles finally heat up to a high degree, the sun has usually moved across the sky and is now hitting the tiles at a separate angle or not at all giving them the opportunity to cool down. It also helps to paint the tiles in a lighter color to help reduce the heat transferred to your home. Being that concrete is very porous, it makes it very easy to paint the tiles without the need to keep reapplying. The light color will reflect the sun so less of the heat is absorbed by the concrete tiles. Lastly, these tiles are extremely durable and will hold up through almost any storm or monsoon.


White Metal Roofing

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Finally, one of the most effective roofing materials at reflecting the sun’s heat is white metal roofing. With a naturally light color, it is great at reflecting sun light and not absorbing it as much as most roofing materials can. As opposed to dark-colored roofs, the white metal does an efficient job of cooling down quickly in the night time and harnessing the cooler evening temperature. By not holding in the heat as long as most other roofing materials, white metal roofs can be a good way to keep your home cooler.


Consult a Roofing Contractor in Phoenix

It’s smart to always understand your options. Whether you’re trying to cut down on your air conditioning or looking to make an investment in materials that keep your home cool during the summer in Phoenix, finding the right material for your roof can make a big difference in how much you’re paying and how cool your house can be. If you want to know more about the best roofing materials or if you have questions for a roofing contractor in Phoenix, call us today or feel free to request a free estimate with Capstone Roofing.

published on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018