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Why Roof Ventilation Is So ImportantLiving in Phoenix means brutally hot summers and high A/C bills, and if your roof is not properly ventilated, those two things will become even bigger issues in the months to come. Poor ventilation creates extremely hot attic space, shortens the life of your roof, and does not protect the roof from moisture damage. If you are wondering why roof ventilation is so important in Phoenix, we are here to help you understand so that you can fix any ventilation issues you may have before the summer heat gets unbearable.

Hot Attics Mean High A/C Bills

If there is a lack of ventilation in your attic it can have a direct negative effect on your energy bill. The lack of circulation will leave the hot air trapped in your attic and eventually seep through the ceiling and heat the rest of your home. If you are not sure if you have a ventilation issue, take note of your electric bills during the summer months and how often you are running your A/C unit. If you notice that your A/C is always running but your house seems to never truly cool down, this is a major sign that there is an issue with your ventilation. Your electric bill will ultimately be much higher than it should be based on the fact that your A/C unit is trying endlessly to cool down your home that is constantly being heated by your poorly ventilated roof and attic.

The Lifespan of Your Roof

A lot of people will be surprised to know that one of the reasons why roof ventilation is so important is to help in the longevity of the roofing material itself. When you experience poor ventilation, the heat does not only transfer internally, but externally back to your roof as well. Extreme heat can shorten the lifespan of any roof, weakening the adhesive, causing curling, and expediting the damage caused by UV rays. Proper ventilation will ensure that hot air is not entering into the home and causing more harm to your roof and A/C units.

Keep the Moisture Out

During monsoon season we are hit with heavy rains and extreme humidity that can be quite damaging if our homes and roofing systems are not properly ventilated. Poor ventilation can cause moisture build up during humid months and can be detrimental to your home. Any condensation that builds up in your poorly ventilated home can make its way back into your insulation leading to mold and mildew growth which is harmful to your personal health and the integrity of the insulation itself. Buildup of moisture can further make its way back up under your roofing system causing deterioration which can lead to roof leaks later down the road. Proper ventilation can help in the avoidance of all of these issues.

Why Roof Ventilation is so Important in Phoenix

Why roof ventilation is so important in Phoenix is to help eliminate high electric bills and warm homes during the summer months If you think you may have ventilation issues, call your local roofer for an inspection today. Here at Capstone Roofing, we are always happy to answer any of your questions and help come up with the best and most affordable repair option for your roof and installation.

published on Tuesday, June 19th, 2018