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Roof Inspections Phoenix


Selling your house? Buying a house? Roof inspections in Phoenix can give you peace of mind.

Pros to Roof Inspections in Phoenix

Knowing what you are getting when you buy a home or other property is key to negotiating your purchase price. A new roof is one of the most expensive things to replace or repair, so getting a roof inspection prior to your purchase could ultimately save you thousands.

Cons to Roof Inspections in Phoenix

Roof inspections can be irritating because there can be multiple opposing views on whether or not a roof needs to be replaced or just repaired. When buying a home, oftentimes a home inspector is going to say the roof needs to be completely replaced, but a professional roof inspector may think otherwise. These opposing opinions can cause the loss of a sale or require a home seller to replace the roof completely even if not completely necessary in order to finalize the sell of the home.

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