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Energy Star Roofing Systems Phoenix


Energy Star Roofing Systems help to lower the temperature of roof surfaces which will decrease the amount of heat that is then transferred into the building and further reduce the amount of time you would need to run your air conditioner to cool down your structure.

Pros to Energy Star Roofing Systems

Energy Star roofing systems help reduce the cost of electricity bills monthly. Homes that are Energy Star approved have a higher resale value than those without it. Energy star roofing systems are reflective which are great for yielding the highest energy savings during the hot summers in Phoenix

Cons to Energy Star Roofing Systems

Although there are many benefits to Energy Star roofing systems, you must remember that all reflective and energy saving roofing systems do not work on every roofing structure. The amount of energy savings is dependent on the structure of the building, its location, climate and the insulation that is used.