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Roof Repair Phoenix

Often times, you won't have to entirely replace your roof. Stay safe and off your roof by scheduling your free estimate for roof repair in Phoenix with Capstone Roofing!

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Tile Roofing Phoenix
Just like any other material, tile roofing is subject to wear, tear, and breakage from weather, falling objects, or movement. Fixing roofing tiles is often easier than trying to replace the piece and there are several ways to go about it.
Shingle Roofing Phoenix
When shingle roofs are properly installed, they typically require little maintenance. However, on the irregular circumstance where a shingle needs fixing, shingle roofing can easily be removed and replaced by a professional roofer.
Foam Roofing Phoenix
It's easy to locate damage on a foam roof, but it is highly recommended to hire a professional roofer to do the job. We've highly trained and certified in repair, replacement, and inspections for all types of roofing.
Built-Up Roofing Phoenix
Although built-up roofs are durable, they too are susceptible to wear and tear damage. Especially in the Arizona heat, the asphalt may blister and leaks may eventually occur. Covering your roof in gravel may prevent this from happening.
Skylights Phoenix
Because a skylight disrupts and penetrates the surface of a roof, they are prone to breakage and eventually, leaks. We love skylights and know how to repair and maintain them. Contact Capstone Roofing today.
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What is a free estimate?

First of all, an estimate is different from an inspection. The difference here is this: if you don’t know the condition of your roof or you need to know how much longer your roof will last before you need to replace one, then you need a roofing inspection. If you know you have missing shingles or a roof leak, you will need an estimate to find out how much it will cost to fix the problem.

Your no-hassle estimate will include:

A projected time frame that will let you know when we will be able to start our work, and how long it will take to finish the project.

The cost of labor and materials that includes flashing, shingles, underlayment, and decking. We will provide you with a list of all repairs as well so you are fully aware of the pricing.

Warranty information to let you know the materials we provide are of good quality and value.

Permits will be presented, as all cities and towns are required to be included in your final estimate.

The cost of cleanup will be factored in as well. We do not leave nails or any other debris behind.

Payment terms will be laid out clearly. We will let you know when the first deposit is due as well as the final payment.

Definitely, do your research on roofing companies. Make sure the company is licensed and in good standing with the Registrar of Contractors. You can go to the ROC website to verify that the contractor is licensed to perform roofing, how long they’ve been in business, and check if they have any complaints against them, as well as the outcome of past complaints.

At Capstone Roofing, we do a detailed roof evaluation and estimate at no cost to you. Upon completion of your evaluation, we will return with a written estimate outlining the scope of work as well as complete pricing.

Roof Repair in Phoenix

We can fix your roof

Your roof is an integral part of your home. In order for your roof to protect your home and your family properly, it should be inspected annually. It's recommended to have your roof inspected before or after the monsoon season - depending on when you had your last roof inspection. If you think your roof has been damaged, call us to utilize your free estimate and we'll put your expertise to work to give you a roof that is like-new. The more you keep up with your roof repairs, the less likely you will have to replace the entire thing. Reach out to us today to know your home and family are safe during this monsoon season!

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Roof Repair in Phoenix

Lifetime Roof Repair

Capstone Roofing is known in the Valley for having clients for the lifetime of the roofs we install. Often, people just assume their roofs are installed and maintained properly. If we installed your roof, you can feel confident it was installed correctly, and you can feel at ease knowing we are the right people to maintain it. It's important to make sure the exterior of your home is secure to ensure the interior of your home is safe.

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We know it's important to do your research when choosing to trust a roofing company. This is why we offer a complimentary inspection and estimate with our very friendly, very knowledgable staff, so we can help in any way. We can answer all your questions regarding your roof.